Medium sized communities that meet in homes for teaching, discussion, prayer and food. These groups are a great way to meet people & grow as a disciple of Jesus.

Discipleship is about learning. Learning to have confidence in Jesus.

Everyday we receive thousands of messages offering us freedom, comfort, strength and happiness. The problem is that ultimately these experiences and products cannot deliver on the promises they make. Only in Jesus do we find a full life. As His disciples, we learn to trust in Him, follow in His ways and believe the promises He makes. As we do this, we find ourselves in conflict with the kingdom of this world and the false offers of life that it makes. Discipleship is about a life that reveals to others the only reliable kingdom. The Kingdom of God.

At Carnmoney we recognise that discipleship impacts all of life, not just Sunday.
Our aim is to equip you to follow Jesus in everyday life.

To join a pastorate or find out more just get in touch.