Being a worshipping community is at the heart of what Carnmoney Church is.

Carnmoney Church was established in 1657,
one of the oldest congregations of the PCI.

Experiencing the presence of God when we gather for worship is one of our highest values and for this we plan and prepare and seek to be expectant. If you leave worship without a sense of having met with the Lord, we will be disappointed.

As well as that, we seek to be faithful to the scriptures, submissive to the leadership of the Holy Spirit, relevant and accessible, whilst constantly striving to enhance the quality of everything we do to express our devotion to Christ.

Our Sunday gatherings where above all else we give ourselves to the worship of God. Who we are in worship on a Sunday is who we are as the people of God in Newtownabbey.

Each act of worship has three main elements – sung worship, teaching and ministry. They are distinguished by the fact that we only offer children’s ministry in the mornings. Tea and coffee is served between the morning services and before and after the evening service from the coffee bar in the main vestibule.

At various times through the year we eat the Lord’s Supper together, people are baptised, parents offer thanksgiving for the gift of children and people are confirmed in their faith and received into full membership during our services of worship.